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DIL throws events that are social and cultural at the same time: wine tasting (but not only), afterwork events, workshops, team building, theme dinners, tours, conferences etc.

While tasting some excellent examples of  varied wines, we will have fun together. Join us in this new way of drink a glass of wine!

During the pandemic period, we launched the concept of online tasting. Find all the dates of the new appointments on 'News' (Home Page)

On-line Wine Tasting

Safe & Fun: taste together, taste good, taste new


The contribution of women to the wine´s world

B13, 13 Beim Schlass - Bertrange


Wine Tasting of Mathis Bastian´s wines.

With Anouk Bastian, we will talk about the role and the opportunities of women in the wine´s world.

Tasting, excellent finger food and lots of fun!

Tuesday 28th of March 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Booking by e-mail :

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The last events:

Chocolat DiVin

Caffé Torino, 8 Avenue de la Porte-Neuve, Luxembourg


An unforgettable tasting experience: an evening devoted to the senses´ pleausure, the supreme sensuality of chocolate and wine.

Wednesday 15th of February 2017   8:00 pm


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Face to Face / Wine to Wine

Truffle Bistrot – 17 Avenue Monterey Luxembourg

An original aperitif where you will compare, guided by oenology experts, two equally excellent wines coming from different wine regions.

This event is not only a good reason to meet and have a great time together but is also an opportunity to appreciate the subtle differences between similar wines and perhaps test everyone’s hidden wine-tasting talents.

For the occasion, the Truffle Bistrot will raffle a dinner for two, an Italian appetizer and a bottle of excellent wine, from among the evening’s participants.

The events will take place from 18:30 to 21:00 on the followings dates:

09.09.2016: Comparison of Rosè

07.10.2016: Italy or France: two excellent red wines to taste

11.11.2016: Cabernet, what passion!

16.12.2016: The bubbles’ duel

Booking by e-mail :

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Wine IS Art

Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain

41 Rue Notre Dame Luxembourg

An extraordinary meeting where the parallelisms between the worlds of art and wine will be discussed with the participation of the artist.

The events will take place at Ca(fe)sino - Casino Luxembourg on the following dates from 18:30 to 20.00, in the presence of four Luxembourg artists:

15.9.2016:   Claudia Passeri

13.10.2016: Nora Wagner

Booking by e-mail :

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Antonio La Pergola

Augusto Bessi

Jean-Pierre Griso

Antonio Dellagiacoma

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Fattorie Romeo del Castello, Vigo 2008

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