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Wine Tourism and ItalianArt

A beautiful journey is an adventure for the soul, just like the tasting of a great wine. Our wine-tours in Italy conjugate these two feelings, offering unique tours to people who appreciate beautiful things. The discovery of the extraordinary Italian artistic heritage goes together with the magic of unforgettable wine-tastings within the charm of incredible  vineyards.

The current tours are focused on three marvelous Italian regions: Sicily, Veneto and the Langhes (Piedmont), however we can propose  'custom-made' tours for corporate or private travellers.

If interested in our of our tours please contact us by e-mail at:


27 May-3 Juin 2018

Off the coast of Sicily, seven small pebbles thrown into the crystalline waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, listed as World Heritage by Unesco.  These islands, still preserved and very different one from the other, are a magical destination combining beauty, biodiversity and  glamour. Vulcano transpires the sulfur secreted into the hell of its belly; the pacified Lipari is covered with pumice stone, obsidian and sea caves; Salina, the green island, exhales a perfume of wild flowers;  Alicudi and Filicudi offer  a glimps in a world that we could imagine lost for ever. The frisky Panarea, is lining up off Stromboli with her ever-active volcano, which is constantly regurgitating.
To get there we will cross the mountain range of Nebrodi, a natural park located between the volcano Etna and the north coast of Sicily which is a jewel of nature, history and good products.

Breath taking  Beauty: Naples and Costiera Amalfitana; Between Sky and Sea 20/27 MAY 2018

Wild and splendid, nostalgic and dazzling, eruptive and colourful ... Naples and the Amalfi Coast are a theatre where the cities, the islands, the coast, the roads and the monuments, are the magnificent scenery.

Why do we like Naples and the Amalfi Coast ("Costiera Amalfitana" in Italian) so much? Because everything is ‘not classifiable’. Because neighbourhoods, colours, tastes, traces of history, nostalgia, the future and  optimism constantly meet, intertwine. Because this is an inimitable Italy, where everything seems even more intense and more emotional than elsewhere. Because you will not leave indifferent.

It is not a coincidence that the Amalfi Coast has been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Sicily 2016

A week in Sicily: between wine and art 15/22 May

Eno-artistic tour of eastern Sicily to discover the cultural, oenological, gastronomic, hospitality excellences of this marvelous island with a sunny climate throughout the year. See the program

Venice and Verona 2016

Tour eno-artistic 29 March - 2 April

Venice city of art and love. Verona city of wine and lovers. Discovery of two of the most beautiful cities of art in the world and of unique vineyards hidden in the lagoon or around Palladian villas.

An exceptional spring done of: fine dining in Michelin star restaurants, artistic journeys, lagoon explorations, tasting of legendary wines and grappe, cooking class and...for all details see the program

Expo 2015

Weekend 11/13 September

For all those that love our eno-artistic tours: to the discovery of EXPO Milano 2015! One weekend in the 'place to be' of the moment...

Venice-Veneto 2015

Tour eno-artistic 6/13 April

The magic of Venice, the beauty of Veneto.

A trip for the eyes, the senses and the soul!

Piedmont 2014

Long week-end 24/29 October

An autumn dream. A long weekend eno-artstic in the Langhe (Piedmont).

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