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Your nose... can change your life!

Approaching the good things with respect is an art that some have the fortune to learn since their childhood. For the others. there is always time! DIL wants to propose to everyone a new and exciting way to approach tastes and perfumes of our territories, and of the whole world. Through tastings, courses, events, exhibitions, trips, you will have the opportunity to discover an universe of feelings linked to the senses of smell and taste that can make you change the perception of life. You can learn what is behind the production process of many things that we drink and eat, meet people that devote their life to create them,  discover landscapes and fascinating persons.


New wine-classes! Wine tasting and italian enology

 From November 2023

'Parole e vino'

Conversations & Tastings

chats and readings for wine lovers 


Saturday 22 October, Cheek to cheek with Mister Brunello

A technical tasting of three Brunello di Montalcino docg 2011

Friday 6th June at Villa Vauban

Art & Wine visit at the museum and tasting


Friday 6th May at Villa Vauban

Art & Wine visit at the museum and tasting

Let's go harvesting! (virtually, at least!)

A dinner around Etna doc with Valeria Agosta (Palmento Costanzo)

Sunday 27th Juin, a walk in the vineyard

A vertical tasting with Henri Rupperts's wines

Sunday 2 May: on line Wine-tasting 

Let's talk about Barbera! (...with the wine-maker) 

 Two docg (Nizza and Asti) , one single grape 

Friday 30th April: on line Wine-tasting 

With the Italian Stand of the Bazar International

 Enjoy (two great wines!) and do something for a better world!

Friday 23rd April: on line Wine-tasting Wines of the Past

 The real gems are the good old wines of the past. Like Freisa and Grignolino, in an incredible natural version

Saturday 20th March: on line Wine-tasting 'His Majesty ' the Port

 The king of the History of wine, matched with belgian chocolate. 

Friday 12th March: on line Wine-tasting 'Burgundy in Sicily (..?..)'

 Let's check together  with a blind tasting if Etna is really the new Burgundy of the Mediterranean! 

Sunday 28th February: on line Wine-tasting ' South Africa on Stage'

 Open the doors to two big surprises with two wines ambassadors of one of the most amazing vineyards in the world 


Sunday 21th February: on line Wine-tasting ' One castle, three wines'

 Taste with us the wines that take their name from one of the most beautiful castles in Italy 

Saturday 13th February: on line Wine-tasting 'An atlantic breeze is blowing'

Discover a fascinating region isolated and fascinating, the final frontier of spanish wine-making


The perfect gift for your S.  Valentine

On line Wine-tasting training, for couples

 Share your passion and develop your sensorial potential together with your partner 

February the 5 th, 2021: on line tasting Montalcino, Mon Amour...

 Discover the myth, its vineyards, its wine-grape and an innovative wine Estate 


January the 15 th, 2021: on line tasting on bolivian wines

 You'll be amazed by three 'Vinos de Altura' of this crazy vineyard 


January the 3th, 2021: Let's play together 

Enologic Tombola

  Sure, you never played a tombola like this! 


December 30th, 2020: On-line tasting 

'Adieu 2020''

  To continue to taste and discover together with italian bubbles in our glasses... but in the safety of your own 'chez-toi' 

December 20th, 2020: On-line tasting 

'Ladies & gentelmen... her majesty the Amarone ''

  To continue to taste and discover together ... but in the safety of your own 'chez-toi' 


December 11, 2020: On-line tasting 

'Valpolicella or the enchantment of velvet''

  To continue to taste and discover together ... but in the safety of your own chez-toi 

New wine-classes! Wine tasting and italian enology

Because of the Covid alert,  two mini have neen interrupted

Class:  Food &Wine

From February 2020: The third part of our training


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Five qualified sommelier AIS, including the President Isabella Sardo, proclaimed in 2008 the best Sommelier of Luxembourg


In this section you can read interviews and reports concerning our association


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Wine IS Art

Wine IS Art

11-18 September 2016

24 Sept - 1 Oct 2016

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15th February 2017

Caffé Torino Luxembourg

26-27 Novembre 2016

Truffle bistrot, Luxembourg

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Wine Spectator


Wine Enthusiast

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19-21 march 2017, Dusseldorf

9-12 april 2017, Verona

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Slow Food

Sommeliers Int.

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