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Special corporate&events … on line !


Stay close, boost morale, open the doors to relax and shared emotions: Focus on wine: Wine amuses, wine fascinates, wine involves, wine connects even when you are far from each other.



We propose:

On line Wine tasting sessions


Taste + match+ learn= enjoy (The ideal option for those who want to offer to their clients an exclusive and unforgettable sensorial experience through the matching of exquisite delicacies with elegant wines)


Taste + play = enjoy

A real Wine Tasting Challenge through blind tastings, quiz, games, emotions and surprises


  1. Team building

In collaboration with Siclavy (certified personal coach)

 This program will boost the capacity of each member of your team to use interpersonal & communication skills in a remote work context

Develop capacity to lean on colleagues

Boost active listening and observation skills







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